LKJ Books has two editors to better serve your editorial needs!

About LKJ

LKJ is the freelancer side of author Mia Darien. In this version of herself, she seeks to help her fellow authors with their books. Words are her passion, and they have been for a long time. She had spent so long as a reader and writer that it seemed only natural she would move into this type of work.

Her first editing project was in Summer of 2012, and it’s been up from there. Eventually, she expanded into formatting, cover art, and promotional materials. As she has learned more programs, she has used these to the continued benefit of her author clients. Over the years, she has worked on hundreds of books for dozens of clients.

She lives in rural Connecticut with her family and small menagerie. She words and words a lot–it’s both of her two professions as well as her hobbies. Sometimes, she’s surprised that she doesn’t look around and see everything built out of words...

About JM-P

A creative writer for fun but a magazine editor by trade, JM-P brings a decade’s experience as a technical sub-editor to the LKJ table. Words are, like LKJ, his forté; indeed, that is how they know one another.

JM-P is based primarily in London, UK, where he is an active part of his local and professional communities. For those with a historical interest, he is a Stationer and a Freeman of the City of London. Aside from being a jobbing pilkunnussija, as they say in Finnish, JM-P contributes articles to technology and business publications around the world. He consults with businesses of varying sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to one-person outfits, to improve their marketing communications and address public relations challenges.

When he’s not geeking out on words, science fiction or wine, JM-P is often travelling, investigating idioms in foreign languages, practising his French or teasing LKJ – sometimes simultaneously.